What is Eile Mental Activity Park and what do we offer?

Eile Mental Activity Park is an Irish owned and operated outdoor activity provider located in Furbo, Co. Galway, Ireland.

Eile Mental Activity Park supports and promotes the user of Irish in it's activities.

Eile Mental Activity Park operates a safe activity environment by meeting current health and safety legislation and recognised industry codes of practice.

Eile Mental Activity Park uses only the best equipment for its activities from market leading suppliers such as ECombat, Tippmann Sports, Dark Sports, JT and Petron. Eile Mental offers its customers outstanding value for money. Eile Mental activities are environmentally friendly.

“Our logo represents our company. Its Celtic symbolism represents our past. Our ancestors found harmony in nature. Our colours represent natures basic elements… earth, wind, water and fire. We interact with these elements in our activities. And the gold band (Fainne Óir) around the logo? Well that’s the Celtic colour for harmony. We work in harmony with what nature provides us here.”

“It is our “standard” and we stand by it!”.


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