Located only 12 km from Galway city centre, why not burn up all your energy by having a "real live gaming" experience at Eile Mental Activity Park. We run a 1.5hrs birthday specials to cater for boys and girls from 10 to 17.


Arrive 15 mins before session start time for safety brief and to get your combats.

Session starts with deployment to gaming areas by bus (don't be late).

Play 2 fun filled games where scores are kept for those who like to keep count.

A 10 min break for a drink of water and a piece of fruit.

After the break receive mission objectives for the last 2 games.

These games will be timed.

Return to reception area for collection or perhaps use our picnic benches for a little party (benches available for 15 mins as the next party will be starting their session).


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